Insulation Materials Co., Ltd. Xuchang Grenada Lancaster is focused on the production of electrical insulation materials research and development of motor sales of the manufacturers, the company is located in the "dream of electric load, Valley into the world," the Central Plains Electric Valley, ancient history and culture of the Han and Wei - Xuchang, traffic convenient location.
      Over the years, with "innovation, expertise in manufacturing and honesty in service" business philosophy, electrical insulating materials for electrical production quality relentless pursuit of innovation, Xuchang

A variety of insulation coatings
Appliances to improve the insulation…
Insulation properties of the materia…
Insulating paper with excellent feat…
Insulation material properties
What is the commonly used three
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Contact: Mr. zhang  Mobile: 18337422037   ADD: Bayi across the western part of the obligations Trade

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